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I write engaging, cinematic music
My job is to work alongside you and your team to meet your goals and create a musical score people will recognize and enjoy.
I'm a composer with a love of soundtracks who has experience collaborating with creative teams. I understand your project is important to you and I respond quickly, respecting your deadlines and schedule.

As a student at Harford Community College I placed first in the electronic music competition, winning a copy of Reason 6. I've also contributed to every Facepunch Collaborative Album and have been in charge of two iterations of the the project whereby I was responsible for the organization of the content and release of the album. In addition, I've composed music for Opposing Force 2, an upcoming source mod, and its trailer, as well as the upcoming indie game, Project Zomboid.

"Also, huge props to Zach Beever who's made us the most wonderful music we could have hoped for. It's incredible."- Andy (Captain Binky), Project Zomboid Developer
"Combine that with some really quite astonishingly good music (I'm leaving it playing as I write this, and fancy writing everything else ever to it just now)..."- John Walker, RPS Writer
"If there's anything on the technical front that I do want to talk about, however, it's really the music. Project Zomboid features one of the most haunting sound tracks I've ever had the pleasure of encountering."- Cassandra Khaw, Indiegames Blog Senior Editor
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